About us

Business concept

EnviroPlanning delivers qualified information, enabling sound decisions and minimising costs, environmental impacts and risks. We guide our clients towards the creation of an ecologically sustainable environment with safe workplaces and a sound living environment. We provide accessible, easily understood information in our projects for the benefit of propagating knowledge and democracy.


Our core values


We value knowledge, quality and a professional attitude, meaning we deliver the right product at the right time. It is our ambition to create and maintain trust with all contacts.

Sustainable solutions

We value economically sustainable solutions that also entail an active responsibility for the environment, working environment and human rights.


We value clear, easily understood communication. It is our ambition to always convey qualified knowledge with clarity.

Job satisfaction

We value motivation and commitment and regard every project as a potential for learning and development.


Business operating policy

EnviroPlanning conducts consultancy work within the fields of ecology, environment, built environment, risk and chemical safety.

EnviroPlanning's operations are charaterized by environmental responsibility, and the company strives towards the fulfillment of national, regional and local environmental goals. The company's business operations fulfill or exceed the demands of current environmental legislation.

EnviroPlanning's aim in both internal operations and projects is to:

- minimise negative impacts and risks to society, the natural environment, cultural heritage, public health and natural resource sustainability.

- minimise resource waste and pollution. 

- improve and propagate knowledge on environmentally friendly technology. 

- apply life-cycle thinking through sound planning, creation and selection of materials and processes. 

- apply methods that contribute to a good working environment

- work within efficient internal processes

- deliver projects as agreed with clients and follow up client satisfaction.